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Every industry is different and has specific software needs. We develop solutions that are tailor-made to our clients' requirements such that you can exploit I.T. to the maximum extent possible.

Off-the-shelf packages are widely available and may have many features - however, there will be many instances where a custom solution will make you more productive. We can develop a wide range of robust and user-friendly software. This may range from a customised spreadsheet that performs all the repetitive tasks very effectively at the click of a button, to a fully fledged networked application that can be used by multiple users in your enterprise.

We cater for clients coming from any market sector. Our team also has developers that specialise in the development of custom engineering software.

We will meet with you, free of charge, to discuss your requirements and subsequently develop specifications for your approval. We can also develop application prototypes for you to get a feel of the final product at a very early stage in the development process.

The following fields are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Database integration (manage your data more effectively using a custom application linked to a database rather than a spreadsheet for instance)
  • Web applications (e-commerce, intranets, online reservations)
  • Networked applications (sharing of data within your enterprise)
  • Standalone applications (for all Windows operating systems)
  • Engineering Applications (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil)
  • Application customisation (customisation of Microsoft Excel, AutoCad etc.)

We are committed to a high level of quality in our software and we ensure our software is reliable and robust by rigorous testing before final commissioning. If you have downloaded any of the trial software on our website, you will also have noticed that our software is finished to high standards, at par with off-the-shelf packages.

We also use the latest development tools and have over time developed libraries of modules that speed up development whilst maintaining the highest level of reliability - a time saving that ultimately benefits you as our client.

The opportunities and benefits of implementing new Information Technology solutions are enormous. We are sure you can think of many ways where your business may benefit.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


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