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Club Director Professional is a web application for the management of sports clubs. It allows club managers to manage the club remotely and club members to make bookings and membership payments online through their internet browser.

The application is fully customisable and can cater for various sports disciplines such as tennis, squash, badminton, basketball etc.

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General features:

  • Online system that can be managed remotely by club management and accessed remotely by users, all from an internet browser
  • Up to unlimited number of members, depending on package
  • Unlimited number of courts
  • Customisable court rates for each court and day/time range
  • Customisable court name / description
  • Member profile with custom fields for member data
  • Customise with own club name & logo

Member features:

Members can perform all the following actions online:

  • Book courts
  • Revoke court bookings (conditions at discretion of club administrator)
  • Apply for tournaments
  • View account
  • Make payments for membership / court bookings / tournament applications / coaching classes **
  • Transfer court to another member (second member’s validation required)
  • Register for coaching sessions
  • Change contact information in profile

Administrative features:

Administrators can perform all the following actions online:

  • Import all member records from Excel into system at one go.
  • Add member
  • Modify member profile
  • Add membership types with customisable name and fee. Standard built-in membership types: Individual adult, Individual junior, Dependent adult, Dependent junior and Non-paying member.
  • Print membership cards
  • Print mailing labels
  • Send Email shot to group of members – groups selectable through various filters e.g. Member type, Coaching class, Tournament applicants, Un-paid members, Paid-up members etc.
  • Fully customisable court time slots
  • Block time slots for events
  • Create weekly template of court time slots
  • Book courts in lieu of member
  • Revoke and refund court bookings in lieu of member
  • Cancel and refund court bookings due to weather or other reasons
  • Add/Delete Tournament (Singles, Doubles, Mixed – Adult / Junior Option)
  • Apply to tournament in lieu of member
  • Export tournament applicants to Microsoft Excel
  • Reporting features:
    • Statistics for court bookings
    • Statistics for transactions by type
    • Full Transactions Report (Online / All)
    • Full Member Report
    • Export any report to Microsoft Excel
  • Automatically block unpaid users from making court reservations / tournament applications
  • Variable grace period for membership payment
  • Variable sunset time to determine daylight / floodlight charging
  • Variable time limits for cancellation of courts
  • Enable/Disable court reservation transfer between members

** Optional feature - Paypal account required. Terms and conditions apply.

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